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This class is suitable for a complete beginner and professional who wants to learn something new.

All the ingredients and tools are quite basic and widely available in any Country.


You get an unlimited access to 12 videos filmed from 4 cameras to ensure the best view. Apart from that Ekat is happy to assist via email with any questions you might have.


You will learn:


- How to make super easy and stable ganache suitable for hot climate

- How to ganache cake and achieve perfect finish and sharp edges

- Velvet texture - this technique is suitable for tall cakes as well as mousse cakes or chocolate decorations. Using a easy method and simple low cost equipment available widely

- How to print edible images - all about where and how to print. 

- Edible image application - two options for you to chose from

- Easy method of couverture chocolate tempering without special tools. Can't get any simpler.

- Chocolate coloring. How to colour and avoid ruining or splitting your couverture.

- Chocolate disc decoration - how to make and assemble.

- Chocolate spheres - 2 types using silicone or polycarbonate moulds.


- How to make a stable chocolate sphere structure on your cake.

- Strawberry cake  - how to bake a perfect light but stable sponge, strawberry frosting and the layer of stable coulis recipe

12 months access

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Class Introduction

    • Table of contents

    • Tools

    • Intro

  • 2

    Signature Ganache

    • Ekat's Ganache Recipe

    • Ganache preparation

    • Ganache Technique

  • 3

    Edible Print

    • Edible print useful info

    • Edible print work and application

  • 4

    Velvet spray

    • Velvet spray recipe and method

    • Velvet surface technique

  • 5

    Chocolate work

    • Chocolate colouring

    • Easy Tempering Method

    • Tempering technique

  • 6

    Chocolate disc decoration

    • Making chocolate decor

    • Chocolate disc tree assembly

  • 7

    Chocolate sphere pyramid

    • Chocolate sphere preparation

    • Lace spheres

    • Chocolate sphere assembly

  • 8


    • Conclusion

    • Strawberry cake recipe

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