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This class is suitable for anyone from a complete beginner to a professional who wants to learn new trends. Numerous techniques including how to make a stable ganache and ice a cake - easy and simple method to create super sharp edges.

We will be working on a real Russian Honey cake and will learn how to secure a very soft filling and texture.

Learn my Signature Honey Cake Recipe and Aged Rock technique as well as shiny clear crystals and golden features.

Beautiful videography from 4 camera angles so you can see it all like you are next to me. 

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Class Introduction

    • Ingredients and Tools for the class

    • Introduction and tips to get started

  • 2

    Signature Ganache

    • Ekat's Ganache Recipe

    • Ganache Technique

  • 3

    Cake decorations

    • Crystals

    • Working with gum paste

    • Edible Bees and honeycomb

  • 4

    Aged Rock Cake Surface

    • Fondant textures

    • Aged rock cake covering

    • Cake decorating and design

  • 5

    Russian Honey Cake

    • Ekat's Signature Honey Cake Step by Step Guide

    • Honey Cake Dough Making and Rolling

    • Honey Cake assembly guide

    • Honey Cake Recipe

Watch Intro Video

Course Techniques

* How to stabilize your filling and the cake 

* How to make super easy and stable ganache. This ganache is perfect for a high humidity and is number one for all my tall cake designs even if I used soft whipped cream, jelly, fresh fruit or compote fillings. 

* How to ganache a round cake ensuring sharp edges 

* How to make aged stone cake surface using fondant 

* Covering your cake with fondant 

* How to create sugar crystals and golden features 

* How to make honey comb texture and honey bees 

* Russian Honey Cake recipe. The cake in this tutorial has 30 thin layers and a whipped cream

All the ingredients and tools are widely available in any Country.

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