Everything form A to Z to start your cake journey

  • All about equipment, tools, ingredients, cake filling, icings and essential design techniques

  • Ideal for beginner bakers, but also beneficial for professionals.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Food Safety

    • Food safety

  • 3

    Equipment and Tools

    • Baking tools

    • List of baking tools

    • Cake cutting and stacking tools

    • Cake decorating tools

    • Equipment

    • Tools and equipment suppliers

    • Equipment overview

    • Cake boards

    • Special Discounts from Partner Suppliers

  • 4


    • Essential ingredients

    • Fondant, Gumpaste, Modelling chocolate

    • Ingredients list

  • 5

    Cake packaging and delivery

    • Cake delivery and repair kit

    • Packaging - boxes

    • Tall cakes delivery solution

    • Cake Delivery

    • Cake Delivery Guide

  • 6

    Cake fillings

    • Basic Vanilla cake recipe

    • Ultimate chocolate cake recipe

    • Caramel cake filling

    • Fruit confit filling

    • Basic syrup

    • Crunchy filling

    • Basic vanilla cream filling

    • Chocolate filling

  • 7


    • Easy Chocolate Tempering

    • Classical Chocolate Tempering

    • Chocolate Temperature Guides

  • 8

    Cake leveling

    • Trimming and leveling

  • 9

    Cake Icings

    • Basic Swiss Meringue Buttercream

    • Stable signature Ganache

  • 10

    Cake assembly basics

    • Vanilla strawberry cake assembly

    • Chocolate Caramel Crunchy assembly

    • Stacking and Dowelling Cakes Tips

  • 11

    Design 1. Watercolour buttercream

    • Buttercream sharp edges

    • Buttercream watercolour design

    • Berries decoration

  • 12

    Design 2. Marble fondant with flowers

    • Fondant Covering

    • Fresh flowers.

  • 13

    Design 3. Marble buttercream with metal chocolate

    • Chocolate shard

    • Marble buttercream

    • Design assembly

  • 14

    Design 4. Chocolate teddy bear and bubbles

    • Chocolate Spheres

    • Chocolate teddy bear. Mould making basics

    • Decorating

  • 15

    Design 5. Buttercream painting

    • Flower painting with buttercream

  • 16

    Design 6. Architectural elements on ganache.

    • Mould making

    • Special Ganache recipe

    • Making of architectural element

    • Rice paper flowers making

    • Flowers wiring

  • 17

    Design 7. Fondant ruffes and Gold Foliage

    • Preparing ruffles

    • Ruffles decorating

    • Golden leaves decoartion

    • Tools for design

  • 18

    Design 8. Square cake abstraction.

    • Square cake ganache tips

    • Abstract decoration. Abstract techniques

    • Technique 2

    • Application

    • Tools for design

  • 19

    Design 9. Basic wedding cake.

    • Cake dummies

    • Stenciling on the cake

    • Decorating with dry flowers

    • Tools for design

  • 20

    Design 10. Tiered cake.

    • Cake fondant covering

    • Tiered cakes structure and stability basics

    • Simple Wafer paper flowers

    • Cake decoration with wafer flowers

    • Tools for design

  • 21

    Cake orders, order blanks, cake systematisation

    • Ordering System

    • Cake portions

Design 6

Architectural Ganache and Rice Paper Flowers

Design 3

Marbled buttercream and metallic chocolate

Design 8

Square cake abstraction

Design 7

Fondant ruffles and golden foliage

Design 10

Multi-tiered wedding cake structures and wafer paper flowers

Students' Testimonials

Cake Foundations Course


Your Cake Foundations is great for veteran bakers, too! 🙌

Cake Foundations Course

Online Student

Hi! Enrolled in your foundation class. Very informative and very worth it!

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