You get 10 video tutorials covering a variety of techniques


  • Chocolate tempering
  • Perfect shiny "no marks or fingerprints" golden chocolate spheres
  • Amazing golden chocolate sails. 
  • Signature techniques to ensure the gold color doesn't come off your shards
  • How to create glossy natural chocolate spheres
  • Chocolate VELVET texture
  • Wafer paper sails and special see through edible "cellofane" decorations without gelatin
  • Ultimate Signature Buttercream recipe and guide on how to make and store it 
  • Complete guide to filling and stacking ensuring the stability, icing the perfect buttercream cake & achieving sharp buttercream edges
  • Concrete look and antique gold fault line
  • Guide to decorating

12 months access

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chocolate Tempering

    • Ingredients and Tools

    • Chocolate Tempering Classical Method

    • Chocolate Tempering Step by Step guide

  • 2

    Chocolate Decorations

    • Chocolate Spheres Step by Step. Polycarbonate Method

    • Golden Chocolate Spheres. Assembly

    • Golden Shards and sails

    • Velvet spheres. Velvet spray.

    • Useful links and suppliers

  • 3

    Wafer Paper Decorations

    • Wafer Paper Sails

    • Tools and Ingerdients

  • 4

    Signature buttercream

    • Tools and ingerdients

    • Signature Buttercream process

    • Signature Buttercream recipe

  • 5

    Cake stacking and icing

    • Tools an Ingredients

    • Cake stacking

    • Madagascar Vanilla Cake Recipe

    • Cake Icing. Fault line.

  • 6

    Cake Decorating

    • Harmony in decorating the cake.

Concrete Buttercream Course

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