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Cake techniques covered in this class: 

  • Creating mesmerizing statement cake pieces using various petal techniques and mediums

  • Developing your unique cake decorating style

  • Tiered cake basics and tools to create signature designs

  • Composition, colour and texture

  • Creating the flow using 3 mixed mediums – fondant, rice paper and wafer paper.

  • Sugar paste ruffles and petals

  • Ruffles and shards petals using wafer paper and rice paper

  • Rough stone technique

  • Applying fondant ruffles across a multi-tiered cake.

  • Torn ruffles effect using fondant

  • Fondant cracks and the very rough fondant technique to achieve modern look

  • Integrating floral decoration into your cake designs

This class gives you a detailed instructions of the several techniques in order to work with different mediums to achieve intriguing free flowing design

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Preparation and first steps

    • Tools and Ingredients

  • 2

    Rice Paper Play

    • Rice Paper Petals

  • 3

    Wafer Paper Play

    • Wafer paper ruffles technique 1

    • Wafer paper raffles technique 2

  • 4

    Fondant Play

    • Fondant Raffles

  • 5

    Lace leaf

    • Lace Leaf Recipe

    • Lace leaf suppliers

  • 6

    Ancient Stone Surface

    • Aged stone technique

    • Cake Covering

  • 7

    Cake Decoration

    • Décor Application

  • 8

    Sugar Sheet 2 ways

    • Sugar Sheets Recipes

    • Elegant Sugar Sheet Method

    • Sugar Sheet Application

Modern Cake Design Course

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