Explore the essential role of thickeners in cake baking, as we learn more its  significance in stabilizing, enhancing flavors, and perfecting textures.

In this free Thickener Mini Course, you will learn about Gelatin, Agar Agar, and Pectin,  and how these commonly used thickeners contribute to the success of your cake creations. Understand the crucial decisions involved in selecting the right thickener for stabilizing your cakes, preventing leaks, and elevating overall taste and texture.

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What you'll learn from the Mini Course:

Introduction to Thickeners in Cake Baking

Understanding the role of thickeners in cake making and exploring how thickeners contribute to stabilizing, preventing leaks, and enhancing flavors and textures.

Exploration of Common Thickeners

Detailed insights into Gelatin, Agar Agar, and Pectin. Learn the distinct properties and applications of each thickener.

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Apply What You've Learned

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