Course Description

Enter the magical vintage circus world through our special course on crafting a Vintage Circus Cake. Discover the art of making charming clowness and toy figurines that will take you back to an era of wonder and fun.

What you will learn:

Learn the Art of Designing Vintage Circus Cake Motifs

Design a stunning vintage circus cake that showcases your intricate figurines.

Dive into Fondant Mastery and Tiered-Cake Assembly

Learn how to position and assemble your figurines on cakes for stunning visual impact.

Get the Exclusive Modelling
Paste Recipe

Discover our closely guarded sugar paste recipe, ensuring your figurines are both delicious and durable.

Master Different
Sculpting Techniques

Develop the skills to craft enchanting circus-themed sugar figurines that add emotion and character.

Discover the Art of
Coloring and Painting

Explore how to add realistic colors and details to your figurines for an authentic look.

Craft Intricate
Sugar Toys

Beyond mastering the Sugar Clowness, this course also guides you in crafting adorable circus toys from sugar, enhancing your circus-themed cake's charm.

Create Vintage Circus Cake Looking

Discover the art of creating a vintage circus cake, infusing timeless elegance into your cake designs.

Unique Cake Design Technique: Rotating Tier

Unlock the magic of the rotating tier technique, adding dynamic movement and visual interest to your cake designs.

Vintage Circus Cake and Sugar Clowness Making

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Message

    • About Anastasia Zholob - Sugar Figurine Artist

    • Special Discounts for Related Courses and Suppliers

  • 2

    Figurine and Toys

    • Sugar Paste Recipe

    • Clowness - Tools for Doll Modelling

    • Clowness - Dimensions

    • Clowness - Torso

    • Clowness - Clothes

    • Clowness - Face Painting

    • Clowness - Hair Modelling

    • Clowness - Accessories

    • Clowness - Painting

    • Toys - Tools For Toys

    • Toys - Toys making

  • 3

    Circus Cake

    • Tools and Ingredients

    • Cake Preparation - Cake Structure

    • Cake Preparation - Cake Board

    • Cake Preparation - Magician Trunk Panelling

    • Cake Decoration - Magician Trunk Decoration

    • Cake Decoration - Circus Arena

    • Cake Decoration - Rotating Tier

    • Cake Decoration - Drum

    • Cake Decoration - Magic Box

    • Cake Decoration - Top Tier

    • Cake Decoration - Cake Assembly

    • Cake Decoration - Toning the Cake

    • Cake Decoration - Sugar Figurine Positioning

    • Cake Decoration - Final Cake Touches

  • 4

    Signature Ganache

    • Ingredients and Tools

    • Ganache Step-by-Step

    • Ekat's Ganache Recipe

    • Ganache Technique

Vintage Circus Cake & Sugar Clowness Making

Create enchanting vintage circus cakes with intricate sugar clowness and toys in this comprehensive online course.

About the Authors

Senior Cake Designer

Ekaterina (Ekat)

My name is Ekaterina (or Ekat). I believe we were put here to create, to inspire, and to have a positive impact to others. I would like my cakes to be an injection of love others need in their lives. I want to be surrounded by beauty and give back all the beauty and positive emotions I can to the World. ​I'm passionate about experimenting and inventing new techniques to design beautiful cakes and chocolate and sharing it through my online academy.

Sugar Figurine Artist

Anastasia Zholob

Anastasia Zholob is a highly skilled and renowned sugar artist who specializes in creating intricate sugar figurines. With a keen eye for detail and a remarkable talent for sculpting, Anastasia transforms sugar into lifelike characters and objects that seem to come to life. Her creations exhibit a remarkable level of craftsmanship, capturing even the finest nuances and expressions. Anastasia Zholob's work is not only a testament to her technical expertise but also to her creativity and passion for sugar art. Her figurines have the power to transform cakes, desserts, and events into enchanting experiences, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of witnessing her edible masterpieces.

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    We want you to spend your time efficiently so we have made videos short and informative so you can master each technique and go back to it easily using the navigation menu. Each video is 5-15 minutes.

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Students' Testimonials

Silicon Moulds Course


My name is Michelle and I purchased the silicon moulds course during pre-sale. They are both absolutely amazing and you are extremely talented. Thank you for taking the time to create and share with us all.

Sugar Roses Course


I really enjoyed making this little rose using @ekats tutorial. I really love her sugar paste recipe! Perfect for the Brisbane climate. So pretty and delicate.

Ekat's Academy Courses

Hi there! Just want to say thank you for all of your inspiration and information from your online courses! I was able to do a couple of cakes using the techniques for a bridal show and I got so many compliments and have more than a few leads on prospective clients so thank you!

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Your Cake Foundations is great for veteran bakers, too! 🙌

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So excited for the class! I'm taking Edible Mediums right now and you've introduced me to a whole new world of cake designing with wafer paper.

Cake Alchemy Course


Hello Ekat, recently I purchased from your recipes and I made your honey cake. It is such a beautiful delicate cake that was enjoyed by my family and friends. Your teaching is wonderful! The instructional video is clear and concise. I'm going to purchase more of your courses and look forward to learning from you. Have a lovely day!

Ekat's Academy Online Courses


@ekats thank you so much! I just over your classes and cakes! They have been a game-changer for sure!

Ekat's Academy Online Courses


@ekats Thank you! Your courses are fantastic. I am really enjoying them

I made the pistachio cake a few days ago and it was amazing! ❤️😍 Thank you for the recipe.

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